Wednesday, February 13, 2013

old post from September 22, 2005

J'ai arrive a Paris ce matin


As I was waiting for my luggage at the turnstile, I noticed a small suitcase that had stuff coming out of it. I thought, look at that piece of crap. Then it was painfully clear that piece of crap was mine. If I had taken a collapsable bag with wheels like I wanted I wouldn't have to go searching for a new suitcase. I hope I didn't lose anything out of it.

I love taking the shuttle from the airport. Both times I've taken it, I've been the last one to be dropped off which is perfect. I get a tour of different neighborhoods, check out where others stay and find places I put on my list to go as well as new ones to add to that list.

I'm staying my first night in a hotel on the rue Cler -- Rick Steve's favorite, Grand Hotel Leveque. Arrived there around 10am but I can't check in until 3pm. Left my bags in the storage room wishing I would have gotten lucky and checked in right away. Only having about 4 hours sleep over a 3 day period (counting time difference) I can barely keep my eyes open. So forced to occupy the next several hours, I asked the hotel clerk where was the nearest internet cafe and a place that sells luggage. The internet cafe was closed until noon so I scoped out the neighborhood. What a great area! It has everything and so convenient. Walked by the apartment I will be moving in tomorrow. If the outside is any indication of the inside, I will be in heaven. Trying not to have high expectations. . . tomorrow will tell.

To save time/$, I sat to write this at a cafe then stayed for lunch. At home, I don't buy bread unless I'm having company and rarely eat bread except at restaurants where it's fresh and hot. But my first bite into real French bread today and I can eat it all day. Great lunch. Wanted to keep the tradition and go to Laduree for lunch but not really dressed for it and not ready to tackle the metro. I think I'm a little hesitant because of getting mugged last time and I'm so tired I wouldn't be up to it.

Noticed in today's newspaper here that the US was the front page headline -- United States on state alert. If anyone has the time, please let me know what's going on. Sounds like Texas is the target.

Oh and thanks to all of you who sent me bon voyage wishes. Really was great to hear from you.

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