Saturday, November 16, 2013


When planning a vacation to a foreign country, it is best to lock in the Three Main Components of your trip -- 
  1. The Dates --  how long will you stay

2)  Flight Reservations

3)  Hotel / Apt / sleep accommodations - where you will stay   


Based on my experience from my travels to Paris over the past ten years, I learned this the hard way.  I figured I had plenty of time before I was leaving to play around before making any real commitment.
Some scenarios went like this:
  • Waiting too long to set the date, book flights, and hotel then finding my ideal dates no longer worked.  Either because the accommodations were full or more expensive.
  • Booked a great hotel deal but waited on the flight arrangements only to find the dates didn't match and I had to find another more expensive hotel the first three days before moving into my 'good deal' hotel.  Then had to adjust the dates for the 'good deal' hotel which no longer fit into the parameters for the discount and a surcharge was added.
  • Waiting for a better rate on the flight without checking out the pattern for pricing then ending up paying a higher price than planned.
All creating frustration as well as spending extra time and money unnecessarily.

One thing that is constant in my planning is if I have these Three Main Components set SIX MONTHS IN PRIOR to my preferred date, everything seems to fall into place with ease.  Any time I wait just a week or two beyond the magic six months mark, I end up spending many more hours trying to patchwork my trip, settling for what I can get instead of what I really wanted.

Once you've locked in the when you'll leave, how you'll get there and where you'll stay, you have lots of options for choosing what you will fill your days doing because your foundation is set and the framework is in place, ready to build upon.

Planning your trip should be a fun and exciting process -- creating a period of time where you will be leaving your day to day world behind.  When traveling to another country, you open yourself to their cultural uniqueness which can often mean so many possibilities to explore that it can be overwhelming.  Having your Three Main Components set allows you to hone into that time period to look for special events, exhibitions, and opportunities you can take advantage of along with the obvious attractions and of course, leaving room for some spontaneity.  Or if you are someone who doesn't have the time or doesn't find planning an enjoyable experience, you have can have the planning done for you by taking a TOUR* that fits with your interests.

I cannot emphasize enough how this kind of prep work gives you the freedom and security that sets the stage for a fabulous travel experience. 

My absolute favorite place to visit is PARIS.  I never tire of returning and extend my trip to last at least 3 to 4 weeks at a time. 

So if you are thinking about a trip to Paris, you might want to consider our PARIS STAY TRAVEL PACKAGE we've coordinated with
GO AHEAD TOURS, departing on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  Which means the six month deadline for booking your reservations would be March 2014 and by booking this 'package' you will not only have in place the Three Main Components but also included are your shuttle service to/from the Paris airport and hotel, daily breakfast, Welcome Dinner, Tour Director staying with you on call throughout the whole trip.  This is extremely helpful and since the package is priced at a group rate, you really save time and money.  If you booked each aspect of the package separately, it would cost you more as well the extra paperwork and time you'd be spending.  The package leaves your daily schedule open for you to design your own itinerary either through GO AHEAD's optional excursions, plan your days independently or signing up for a TOUR*.

You only need $300 to lock in your reservation.  The balance isn't due until 70 days prior to your departure (July 16, 2014). 

Check out all the details and make your reservation on our website:

Or contact me directly at:

À Bientôt

*We are offering a 4 day, 2 night walking tour of Paris called ART-TEA-PARIS TOUR which as stated in the name, focuses on art and tea in the city of Paris coinciding with the GO AHEAD Paris City Stay Package.  Check out previous and future blogs that offer additional information as well as our website with all the details: