Monday, November 12, 2012

Travel Solo to Paris - Intro

   PARIS is a popular travel destination for a multitude of reasons . . .
It’s obvious beauty, world-class art, sumptous pastries,
infamous cooking style and leader of fashion.

 It is also rich in history, weaving it into modern day life.
No wonder Parisians are so proud of their heritage.

Each time I visit Paris it is different but the same.
No matter how many times I visit a favorite spot, I am able to see it with a new eye.
The whole city is that way –
the comfort of the familiar and new additions to keep things fresh.

Over the years I have developed organizational processes,forms, research files,
and products that help to make each visit interesting and memorable.
Friends are amazed at how well prepared I am and recommend me to their acquaintances
when they plan a visit to Paris, asking for advice and recommendations
on what to see, do, places to eat and where to stay.

  And now a TRAVEL SOLO TO PARIS Workshop has been developed.
TRAVEL SOLO isn’t about being alone on your trip.
It’s about having the flexibility to be in the moment, change your mind about your plans
and not having to worry about your travel companion’s idiosyncrasies
you never knew about until you travelled with them.
By being on your own, you are able to immerse yourself in your surroundings
and have a richer, fuller connection to where you are and what you are experiencing.
The wonderful part is that, on your own, you are more likely to
strike up converations with people from a variety of countries
that can broaden your view of the world, your own country and yourself.

This blog is dedicated to all things Parisian. 
Not only will there be entries about Paris in general,
we will also cover travel tips, specific tours and the places you’ll be visiting on the tour
as well as announcements on scheduled workshops.

May the information shared here inspire you to visit Paris
and experience the magic for yourself.

Bon voyage.